ECi Competition

ECi Teams – Something has changed with the challenge problem. Review the newly updated version with Tweak! 

ACE 2016 Final ECi Problem with Tweak   (posted 6/17/2016)


Environmental Challenge International (ECi)

The Environmental Challenge international (ECi) Program is a student team competition to prepare and present an optimal solution to a complex “true-to-life” environmental problem. The problem presented will be of current value, representative of the location of the event, and require multi-disciplinary approaches for success. The Challenge seeks not only technical and scientific analyses, but solutions that are presented in conjunction with the development of appropriate regulatory approaches and resolution of political and community issues.

The ECi competition is open to undergraduate students, graduate students, Ph.D. candidates, and recent graduates (2015-2016) in the environmental field. Teams should consist of 3 to 5 members.

Does your team have what it takes?  Review the Protocol and Problem and get started today!

ACE 2016 ECi Protocol

ACE 2016 ECi Problem